Session 1: Difficult Truth (The Basics)

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Session 1: Difficult Truth©, the first course in the Rise Up in the Truth series, is our fundamentals course. It provides baseline knowledge about abortion and the issues that surround it.

What you'll discover in Session 1:

  • Abortion and the value of human life
  • The Christian response to abortion
  • Abortion statistics and trends in America
  • The birth control-abortion connection
  • Abortion procedures in each trimester
  • Born-alive infants
  • Disposal of fetal remains
  • Commodification of fetal remains and the fetal parts trade
  • Post-birth abortion
  • Methods of deception in the abortion industry
  • Who the enemy really is
  • God's victory, even in abortion

Watch a sneak preview:

How it works:

Session 1 is divided into three online modules, available in our courseroom. Each module includes approximately 20 minutes of content and a 10-15 minute assessment and discussion activity (total Session 1 time is approximately 2 hours).

Purchase of this course grants you access to our online courseroom, where you can:

  • Take each module as many times as you wish within a 30-day engagement window (your purchase triggers the start of the window)
  • Explore the SpeakLife™ Knowledge Base to discover the complete body of research used to develop the course, watch videos included in the course content, and see additional recommended resources that will enhance your learning; Access to the Knowledge Base is unlimited, even after your course has expired.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email from our Learning Experience Team with instructions for creating a username and password, accessing the courseroom, and beginning your course.

GROUPS, CHURCHES, and ORGANIZATIONS: Please contact us to register offline. We take care of all the details!

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