Session 4: Manifestation (1950s-60s)

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Session 4: Manifestation©, the fourth course in the Rise Up in the Truth series, continues our decade-by-decade journey to uncover the roots of abortion and the plans to de-Christianize America - a strategy that ultimately ushered in the culture of death we battle today. Session 4 covers the 1950s - 1960s. 

What you'll discover in Session 4:

  • The new face of the eugenics movement in the 1950s: population control
  • Family planning, responsible parenting, and population control propaganda
  • How secularization, situation ethics, moral relativism, and social revolutions transformed America in the 1960s
  • The Black community's efforts to expose birth control and abortion as "Black genocide" and the deliberate strategies used to silence them
  • The divide that formed in the Black Church and among community leaders relative to birth control and abortion
  • The Hegelian dialectic as a corruption of truth and a means to force change
  • How the philosophies of the culture of death progressed and the strides that were made legally, politically, and culturally
  • How the courts were used to advance the culture of death during this time period
  • The pill and how it impacted relationships, family, and God's design for marriage and gender
  • The Protestant and Catholic church's responses to birth control legalization
  • The second wave of feminism, its radicalization, and the Biblical perspective
  • The reframing of abortion from a moral issue to one of mercy, health care, privacy, and women's equality
  • The downfall of the Church in protecting the sanctity of life

*We highly recommend you complete Session 2 (1890s - 1920s) and Session 3 (1930s - 1940s) before beginning this course.

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