Session 5: Deterioration (1970s-1990s)

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Session 5: Deterioration©, the fifth course in the Rise Up in the Truth series, continues our decade-by-decade journey to uncover the roots of abortion and the plans to de-Christianize America - a strategy that ultimately ushered in the culture of death we battle today. Session 5 covers the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. 

What you'll discover in Session 5:

  • The birth of bioethics in modern medical research and practice and its profound impact on healthcare and the national conversation on abortion, euthanasia, and medical research
  • The deeper embedding of eugenics in radical environmentalism, the global reproductive rights agenda, and rapidly advancing biotechnologies
  • How the courts were used to advance the culture of death during this time period, particularly in abortion legalization, infanticide practices, and medical neglect of the disabled
  • The influence of the Reagan and Clinton presidencies in the battle for life
  • The fundamental philosophies of the modern pro-life movement and the split between personhood and political pragmatism
  • The silencing of the Black community's efforts to expose birth control and abortion as "Black genocide," from within and outside of the community
  • The continued destruction of the Black family by the birth control and abortion industries, through government policy and radical feminist influence
  • Third-wave feminism; its "intersectional" ideology, strategies for change, and academic and political influence
  • The Moral Majority and the positive and negative impacts on Christianity in America, both then and now
  • The heart and purpose of the pro-life rescue movement from the Catholic and evangelical perspectives
  • Silencing rescues through legislation and the courts
  • The moral and spiritual crossroads America faced at the dawn of the new millennium

*We highly recommend you complete Session 2 (1890s - 1920s), Session 3 (1930s - 1940s), and Session 4 (1950s-1960s) before beginning this course.


Enrollment in this course grants you access to our exclusive interviews with Pastor Keith Tucci (Director of Operation Rescue, 1990-1993) and Dr. Monica Miller (president of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society) as they re-live the rescue movement in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and discuss its successes and challenges from the evangelical and Catholic perspectives.

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