Connect gifts and talents to service opportunities.

Knowledge equals responsibility. The responsibility to rise up as part of a community, to speak for those who cannot, to walk out our faith, and to listen and respond to God's call upon our lives. Once we know, we are compelled to do.

Knowledge is also the first step toward wisdom. The next step? Action—but we often struggle to bridge this gap. The busyness of daily life, the distractions of our culture, lack of clear direction, and even fear can keep us from moving forward. If we don't, the power that comes with knowledge is diminished, and we miss out on heart-changing experiences.

SpeakLife helps you take that next step. As part of your online learning experience, you work to discover (or re-discover) your unique gifts and talents, find service opportunities that match them, and interact with organizations working on the front lines of the broadest and most difficult mission field today: LIFE.

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