Every dollar gifted to SpeakLife, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is tax-deductible and goes directly toward fulfillment of our mission: To educate, equip, and empower people to align with God’s Word, will, and plan for speaking life into the nations. Our goal is to operate as a fiscally responsible, debt-free organization. This goal is reflected in the ways we use our donor’s gifts to:

  • Build the tremendous body of research at the core of the SpeakLife e-learning curricula
  • Partner with forward-thinking organizations to develop innovative learning technologies
  • Develop compelling, professional, and engaging online courses that bring the truth in new ways
  • Construct a virtual community where learners can interact, exchange ideas, and encourage each other
  • Bring together subject matter experts, leaders, and innovators who can empower our learners to stand
  • Create a powerful, first-of-its-kind network where individuals and organizations can connect to bring the truth about life into the world

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