You can spend months, even years, sifting for the truth, searching for context, looking for some way to connect all the pieces—or you can come here.

SpeakLife™ online courses help you build knowledge across a whole spectrum of life issues—from abortion and human trafficking to bioethics and end-of-life decisions. But that's just the beginning.

  • This is where you’ll find the truth. Not ideology. Not opinion. Not haphazard hyperbole. Just the simple, factual truth, spoken in love.
  • This is where you’ll see the big picture. Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing seems connected. We’ll bring history, culture, and God's word alive for you, so the framework is clear.
  • This is where you’ll discover your voice. We’ll inspire you to question boldly and answer honestly in a world full of discord and noise. People are thirsty for real answers, and you’ll be ready with living water.
  • This is where you’ll change your life. We’ll help you move new knowledge from your head to your heart and truly understand the value God places on every life He creates. Then, you’ll be ready to partner with Him; to step onto the path He’s prepared just for you.

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